National Inspection Services provides a full range of quality services to meet all of your NDT needs.

pipeline NDTSpecializing in radiography examination of conventional land-laid pipelines, our wide spectrum of services includes industrial radiography, ultrasonic, phased array, magnetic particle, penetrant testing, PMI, Brinell hardness and visual inspection. In addition to NDT, we can provide preparation, qualification and certification of welding procedures and welders to meet all industry standards.

All NDT services are performed by highly trained personnel with a focus on safety and commitment to providing reliable, accurate results. Utilizing the latest in NDT technology and equipment, our resources include 65 mobile units that are fully equipped to perform RT, UT, MT and PT inspections on site. With the capability to successfully complete projects of almost any size, NIS provides quality NDT services while upholding the highest standards of safety.

We invite you to contact us for your next NDT project – and let National Inspection Services provide you with superior customer service and reliable results.

Ultrasonic Testing National Inspection provides Advanced Ultrasonic testing services to the Midstream oil and Gas Industry.
Radiography Testing X-Ray Inspection Services Call (888) 201-4821 Crews Available 24x7
Radiography examination of conventional land-laid pipelines is the core business of National Inspection Services.
Phased Array Ultrasonic TestingPhased Array is the most advanced ultrasonic testing technique in the industry. In many instances, phased array testing may be used in place of radiography.
Magnetic Particle TestingThis process is ideal for testing large machinery and other materials that cannot be tested with x-rays.
Penetrant TestingWe offer a variety of LPT procedures including visible, fluorescent, water washable and solvent removable processes to meet our customers’ specific needs.
Positive Material IdentificationPositive Material Identification is provided by NIS by utilizing the ArcMet system which allows us the determine carbon content also, which is desirable in many situations.



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